AirTime Fit

Created by Valerie Murzak, a professional aerialist and hand balancer with over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Valeriya has a passion for fitness and wants to create a fun yet challenging work out environment for everyone. 


Valerie's Qualifications include:

Level 2 Exercise To Music Certification UK

X-Pole Aerial and Pole for Children Certificate

First Aid Qualification UK

Safeguarding for Children Certification UK

AirTime Fit classes offer a fitness workout with a difference using Bungees, Aerial Hammocks, Hoop, Straps, Rope and Silk, as well as other fun and unusual props to make you workout without ever getting bored!

We also offer stretch and conditioning classes as well as handstand classes. Kids are encouraged to bring their adults along to our mixed ages classes.

If you are a professional dancer or an inspiring aerialist, Valerie can guide you through training safely.

Class locations and schedule will be announced on this page soon. 


Possibly the most fun you can have working out! The bungee is attached to a harness and acts as a resistance chord, making you work harder against gravity. You will work on your stamina. It is also a great core and muscle toning workout. You will learn how to jump and fly like a superhero! 


This piece of equipment provides a full-body workout with a focus on building your upper body strength.

aerial hoop

Aerial Hoop is a metal ring rigged from the ceiling. Originating from the Circus world, it has gained popularity in the fitness world in recent years. Valerie can take your aerial journey from beginner to advance level. 


Valerie also offers professional training and guidance to dancers on a one to one basis or a group wanting to increase their skills set for the professional entertainment world.

aerial silk

Aerial Silks will work your entire body, especially the upper body. Learn how to perform tricks and climb the silks correctly with the guidance of our highly trained instructors. 


We also offer professional training in aerial silks to dancers on a one to one basis or a group wanting to increase their skills set for the professional entertainment world.

aerial straps

This apparatus is an overall body workout. It is one of the most strenuous pieces of aerial equipment and is great for building upper body strength. Although it is challenging,  the progression is worth the journey!

aerial hammock

Aerial Hammock, also know as or Aerial Yoga, is a great way to increase flexibility, work on your core and overall strength. 

Classes will combine core conditioning, stretching and learning tricks on the hammock to create fun combinations of your own.

rhythmic gymnastics and other equipment

Valerie attended a rhythmic gymnastics school in Moscow, Russia for 5 years and knows how to work a ribbon! This is a great class for all ages interested in learning gymnastic ribbon, hula hoops, rope and other pieces of equipment.